Everything we do exposes us to HAZARDS...
However, it is HOW we do things that determines the RISK!

Control Banding is a complementary approach to protecting worker health by focusing resources on exposure controls.

Increasingly being applied worldwide, this approach has been internationalised by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

COBRA creates the most comprehensive Control Banding Risk Assessments.

Performed using our secure, on-line software tool, COBRA ensures your organisation is performing a true risk assessment that takes into account usage environments and scenarios and not just a hazard assessment.

COBRA allows you to:

  • Perform Control Banding Risk Assessments in seconds
  • Generate a 1 page Risk Report, in seconds
  • Distribute Chemicals and Risk Assessments to stores and folders
  • Create JOBS and TASKS specific to your requirements
  • Extract data from Vendor MSDS and create your own Hazard Assessment
  • Print, Save and Send Hazard and Risk Assessments, lists and reports

Simply specify the way you use the chemical, and COBRA does the rest...

COBRA comes with:

  • over 250,000 hazard assessments (MINI MSDS)
  • access to over 13 Million Vendor MSDS
  • Powerful algorithms that calculate the risk in seconds
  • One-Page RISK SUMMARY reports, generated in seconds
  • extremely user - friendly interface